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Our Story: Roots in dentistry magnification: vision challenges and back pain.

Ever wonder why dentists wear magnification? We had something to do with it. Over 30 years ago, my father, Dr….

Top Ten Questions!

After thousands of product demonstrations and phone calls every year, we are sharing the most common questions people ask when…

Yes, You Can Sunburn Your Eyes!

It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy but it may not be so easy on your eyes. Excessive exposure to…

Why older adults see better in the doctor’s office.

  We write a lot about the need for good lighting.  Here are a few interesting quotes from a Washington…

Does it feel like you need more light? You do.

Most of us are well aware that vision tends to change with age.  Over time, our eyes lose some of…

“CraftOptics Telescopes are probably one of the best investments a serious beader can make.”

This terrific post showed up in my mailbox the other day and I can’t help myself–I had to share it:…

CraftOptics Fall Lineup!

A big thanks to everyone who visited us at jewelry, bead, sewing and quilting shows over the past year! It…

Beadwork with Margie Deeb & CraftOptics

  Margie Deeb, author of “The Beader’s Color Palette” and “The Beader’s Guide to Color”