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Our Story: Roots in dentistry magnification: vision challenges and back pain.

Ever wonder why dentists wear magnification? We had something to do with it. Over 30 years ago, my father, Dr….

Artists: Four Ways To Reduce Back & Neck Pain – Replay 2017

REPRINT & UPDATE OF 2014 ARTICLE Artists experience a great amount of eye, back, neck and shoulder strain as they…

Macular Degeneration: What is it and can CraftOptics help?

In our line of business, we unfortunately run into many customers who either have some form of macular degeneration or…

CraftOptics On TV!

A while back I introduced you to Shelley Peterman Schwarz, who has a web site called “” that focuses on…

My Eyes Are Just Fine. I’ll Get Those When I’m Old.

This is one of the most common statements in this business and I can’t tell you how many times I…

Why Margaret Is Smiling

I get a real charge out of helping people see better, and last week while on vacation I had a…