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Your CraftOptics have more uses than you ever imagined!

We all know CraftOptics telescopes are worn by jewelers, bead artists, quilters, needle workers, sewing and embroidery enthusiasts, etc. What…

Are Your Eyes Working Too Hard?

[Note: Rerun of an important post from 2010] A few days ago, Margot Potter wrote about her visit to the…

Why Lugnut Wears Reading Glasses

I hang out with a crowd that includes 35 to 55 year olds. Most of us still often think and…

Tattoo You. And You. And You.

New photos from Paul! I met Paul Stoll last summer at the JCK, the world’s largest jewelry trade show. Paul…

Sit Up Straight!

We’ve all been told by our mothers to “sit up straight!” Who knew how right they were? Among other things,…

Tattoo Artists REALLY Need To See The Details!

Whether or not you have a tattoo yourself, anyone can appreciate the intricate detail that goes into designing a tattoo….