Frequently Asked Questions (Archive)

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How much do the glasses weigh?

Customers are often very surprised at how light their CraftOptics are when they get them. In photos, they look heavy but CraftOptics are surprisingly lightweight. Our artists wear them for many hours at a time on a daily basis.

The complete set of glasses and telescopes weighs only 48 grams (Video: WEIGHT) with a standard bifocal installed in the frames. The DreamBeam weighs only 7 grams (about the weight of a quarter). Together, they weigh up to 40% less than similar surgical systems. In addition, the frame is titanium with spring hinges and it has a saddle style nosepad which all combine to distribute the weight evenly. Finally, a set of flexible Chums eyewear retainers is included with your purchase. This can be adjusted for additional comfort.

That being said, there are three important things to keep in mind if your set is feeling a bit heavy:

  1. Make sure you clip the DreamBeam wire to your shirt and put it behind you. If you let the wire hang, it will definitely pull on the CraftOptics frames. The wire is actually heavier than the light itself, so if you let it hang, you’ll feel it and it will not be comfortable.
  2. Everyone’s face is different, so sometimes a minor adjustment to the nosepad will be helpful. The nosepad adjustment makes a HUGE difference in how your CraftOptics will feel when wearing them. Too often, people will squeeze the nosepads together, making the weight of the system rest on two points on your nose. The correct thing to do is to do the opposite: WIDEN the nosepads so that your set’s saddle nosepad “hangs” on the bridge of your nose.
  3. Finally, make sure you are using the Chums eyewear retainer on your frames (included). This is the flexible strap that allows you to hang your CraftOptics around your neck. This strap also gently grips behind your ears when wearing them, and it can also be tightened to add to your comfort.

Questions? Just give us a call at 888 444 7728 and we’ll walk you through some simple tweaks you may want to do. This video shows you how to do it: NOSEPAD