Frequently Asked Questions (Archive)

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The reviews are great, but are there any negatives?

There are a lot of positive reviews on our website and elsewhere, which is terrific! The catch is, they are reviews from people who have made the investment and have committed to spending some time getting used to this new way of working. So, this is a very fair question and here are some of the potential drawbacks:
1. They are an investment–no way around it. If you compare the cost of a set of CraftOptics to a complete set of high quality eyeglasses with progressive lenses installed, the cost is comparable or even less. Don’t think of them as another set of eyeglasses. CraftOptics telescopes are a tool, as well as a one time investment, that our customers wear for the work or craft. As our reviews point out, they feel the investment is well worth the cost. On the positive side, when your prescription changes, all you need to do is update the lenses in the frames (not buy a whole new set), so if you take care of them, they will last a lifetime. Additionally, we have the money back guarantee, so you aren’t stuck with them if they don’t live up to your expectations.

2. Field size. The size of the field that you see when looking through the magnifying telescopes is about 5-6″ in diameter, which is easily larger than the area where actual detail work is done. However, for some people, that takes some getting used to. Dentists and surgeons use similar devices, which have the same or smaller field sizes. For most people, the benefit of being able to sit with improved posture and see their work clearly is a great trade-off. The videos on our site show how to adapt to this new way of working, demonstrating how to look above the telescopes to see around your work area, then through the telescopes to do your detailed activity.
3. Weight. In photos, CraftOptics look much heavier than they are in person. Most of our customers are actually surprised at how light they are once they get them. All-in, they weigh about 48 grams with a prescription installed, and the light adds about 7 grams, or about the weight of a quarter. Everything is designed to reduce weight for greater comfort, but there is no way around it–precision binocular magnifying optics are going to be heavier than a standard set of eyeglasses. The titanium frame and nosepad design are similar to those used in dentistry where devices are worn 8 hours per day. For maximum lightness and comfort, be sure to wear the headstrap and clip the light wire to your shirt. You might also need to adjust the nosepad. When a customer has concerns about the weight, one or all of these things are typically the culprits. The most common mistake people make is to let the light wire hang, which adds considerable weight (the wire is heavier than the light itself). The videos on our site cover nosepad and other adjustments, if they are ever needed.
4. New working position. For some people who have hunched over their work for decades, adjusting to working with better posture is too difficult. For most people, this is an plus!
We know CraftOptics aren’t for everyone, but we also know from decades of experience, that we delight the vast majority of those who try them. This is why we offer a money back guarantee. If any of the above potential drawbacks are insurmountable, you have 45 days to use them and send them back for a full refund.