Frequently Asked Questions (Archive)

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What is the magnification of the telescopes?

Our level of magnification, 2x at our Regular range working distance (14-16″), is designed to maximize the performance of the magnifying telescopes for multiple activities. This is very similar to the magnification level you often see dentists & hygienists wearing.

DO NOT CONFUSE 2X WITH YOUR +2.00 READER–they are not the same thing. A +2.00 (2 diopter) reader is not the same magnification level as a 2x magnifying telescope. The magnifying telescopes work WITH your own reading correction (they drop down in front of your reading correction), boosting the overall magnification you have.

2x magnifying telescopes double the size of the object you are viewing, while allowing you to do this from a comfortable, ergonomic posture (no more hunching over!). This is why dentists and surgeons most commonly use 2-2.5x magnifying telescopes as they provide power, distance and flexibility.  We don’t provide higher magnification, as it generally is not accommodating for our client base. As magnification increases, the field size decreases, the depth of field decreases, and the weight increases, all of which can be limiting for many artists’ most frequent tasks.