Frequently Asked Questions (Archive)

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Will I get dizzy or have headaches?

Magnification should help reduce headaches by reducing eye strain. If properly adjusted, the telescopes will not cause dizziness and you should adapt rapidly. It is important to make sure you are sitting at the correct working distance. Sitting closer than the working distance of the telescopes can cause strain which is easily corrected by sitting back a few inches. Just as it takes time to adjust to a new pair of eyeglasses, there is a learning curve and the most common behavioral change people go through is learning to sit more upright when working. Often it feels counter-intuitive but in this case, you will quickly find that your eyes will feel better as will your back and neck when you stop hunching over your work.

If you ever experience eyestrain, call us right away at 888 444 7728. There is usually a simple solution.