I purchased my CraftOptics with light during the Pacific International Quilt Show at Santa Clara, CA in 2019. Not certain at the time what all I would use it on, I knew that it would be helpful for many applications.

Well, my usage has exceeded my expectations. I used it to repair an old mechanical clock, soldered very fine wiring – twice, found faint inspection and acceptance marks on antiques, oiled my wife’s sewing machine and also repaired a 1919 mechanical adding machine that needed a lot of work. It will soon be used to in repairing and oiling my old American Flyer toy trains as well. I simply could not have done these things well, if at all, without my CraftOptics including the light option.

The potential uses are endless, and this has been an excellent investment in my hobby of repairing and maintaining various mechanical objects that my wife and I use. Regarding the light option, I have to say that gone are the annoying shadows that used to irritate me when trying to get adequate light on small or recessed parts. What an improvement over the use of multiple lights to try to eliminate shadows, often unsuccessfully. I do recommend CraftOptics.

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