Nathan Schwade, Fly Fisherman

“This system is so wonderful! You really should get a bigger presence in the fly tying community!

For me CraftOptics has been a complete paradigm shift! Here are the CraftOptics benefits to fly tyers:

  • Good posture while working up close– this is accomplished by a combination of having Rx in the lens, bifocal, and telescopes.
  • A large bright field of magnification– most tyers (at least those with presbyopia) use an add on magnifying glass, a bifocal with a add power or an Optivisor head band (which is what I was using before CraftOptics). These are inferior solutions, in my opinion/experience.
  • The light- the DreamBeam solves a lot of lighting problems. You will hear tyers talk about being under the lamp. All these lamps produce shadows and are underpowered in my opinion. The dream beam creates copious amounts of light focused where you need it and with good color reproducibility.

I believe the short working distance is perfect for fly tying. For me having the glasses at the intermediate power allows for easily seeing tools and instructional videos.”


Nathan Schwade, Fly Fisherman

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