Joan Barnes, Metalsmith, Metal Arts Guild of Georgia

After contemplating purchasing the CraftOptics magnifying glasses for over a year, I decided it was time due to my aging eyes and purchased the CraftOptics and DreamBeam Light Wow Package.

All I can say is they gave it the right name…WOW is so right. I can not tell you the excitement I felt when I took the CraftOptics out of the case, put them on and saw my work for the first time sitting on my bench. I think I said “Wow” about 10 times because I could not believe how sharply I could see and how natural it felt.

CraftOptics nailed my prescription on the first try and I am never looking back. Thank you for providing me with such a wonderful tool. I am looking forward to wearing my CraftOptics and the significant improvement in my work they will no doubt make simply being able to see everything I have been missing.

I decided to finally pull the trigger when I designed a very complicated necklace based on the Vatican ceiling that I photographed on a recent trip to Italy. The piece has many layers, hollow forms, tubing cut at angles and I became frustrated at constantly double checking seams and angles with my optivisors.
I went to your website and saw that you offered a money-back guarantee so I felt like I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I bought Zeiss glasses last year and knew within 10 seconds of having them on that I did not think they were going to work. I ended up putting them up on Nextdoor Marketplace and sold them to a jeweler in Tennessee.

Many thanks,

Joan Barnes