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"Two changing."

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A little review for my fellow jewellers if anyone is interested

I invested in these new magnifiers from craftoptics about 6 weeks ago and thought I would really give them a good go before reviewing them!!

Two words… changing.

I have prescription glasses for close up work and then wore optivisors for closer up work such as setting etc. I was starting to wear them together. But the problem with optivisors is that you have to get close to the work so I felt I was hunching over my peg, which is terrible for my posture/neck/shoulders. And also I couldn’t really use them for things like piercing as the saw frame banged against the optivisors etc.

I’d read a lot of positive things about the craftoptics glasses and started saving up. I decided against adding the light as I have good lighting on my bench. The light can be bought and added at any time.

And then they arrived and wow, they really are fantastic. The glasses are made to my prescription and then the magnifiers flip down when needed. They take a little getting used to as I’m used to swapping glasses about all the time. These glasses are light enough to wear all the time and when I do flip the magnifiers down, I don’t need to change my position at all. I don’t need to get closer to the work. It’s amazing. I can actually see in detail again. Even when I’m polishing/soldering etc. And my posture has improved. I totally love them. Worth every penny and I wish I’d bought them years ago. So if you’re sitting on the fence, go for it.

The people at craftoptics are so friendly and helpful. Ready to answer any questions. Thank you so much!

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- Tanya (@tlkjeweller), Jewelry Artist