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I gotta tell you something, I ADORE my CraftOptics!

I gotta tell you something, I ADORE my CraftOptics! I’ve had them for about 9 months now. I also have the beam, though I don’t always use it. I am able to work longer and with less strain than ever before. I don’t hunch up over my beading table (yes, I am a bead weaver (aka thea fine)) the way I used to. As a result, my posture is better, my core is stronger, and my shoulders don’t hurt. AND I truly believe my creative juice has been enhanced!

I was able to complete a fairly large (for me) commissioned body of work in comfort and, frankly, I think, more rapidly than otherwise would have been possible!!!

And because I travel (but, sadly, not to B&B this year), the new case is absolutely perfect. It fits right into my bag along with my beading projects, keeps beam and glasses together (yeah, I’m one of those people….I lose things!!).

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for a magnificent product, for a great travel case and, ABOVE ALL, for the ongoing support and help to ensure that I’m happy, happy, happy with your wonderful product. AND I AM!!!

- Teddi Fine, Bead Artist