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Save Your Back and Neck!

Saving Your Back and Neck!

Lisa is a well known metalsmith and jewelry artist.  This video was taken several years ago, before she started having trouble seeing her work .

In the past few years, she struggled with her vision (wearing uncomfortable “visor” style magnification).   During that time, she visited several optometrists looking for a solution and the only thing she got was glasses with a stronger reading add (bifocal).  These stronger glasses, combined with her visor magnifier, got her close to the magnification she needed, but gave her terrible back, neck and shoulder pain.

Check out how she worked in the small photo above and you can see why.

So many people don’t realize that there is an easier way to work.  This is how Lisa works today with CraftOptics magnifying eyeglasses:

lisa1 (2)


Call or write–I’d be happy to walk you through the process.