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Our Story: Roots in dentistry, vision challenges and back pain.

November 30, 2017
Our Story: Roots in dentistry, vision challenges and back pain.

Over 30 years ago, my father, Dr. Charles Caplan, a dentist, developed a magnification device that helped him see better and work more comfortably without eye, back, and neck strain. His physical stress almost led to a premature end to his career. At that time, magnification was not being used in general dentistry, so it took many years for the idea to catch on. Today, wearing magnification is standard practice for dentists around the world. Check out this classic promo from the early 1980s from a time when few were talking about ergonomics in the workplace, especially in dentistry:


Vintage promotion flyer, circa 1982

Interest in this device from others outside of the dental community convinced us that a new audience would appreciate the same benefits from a similar product. So, we designed new, lighter magnification and in 2009 founded CraftOptics to focus on helping artists relieve that same physical stress dentists experienced.

Today, we are honored and thankful to have provided thousands of talented individuals around the globe with a tool that allows them to work comfortably, see better and relax as they create with great precision.

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