International Quilt Festival Houston – In Person!

We’re back! Our first post-pandemic in-person show! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the world’s largest quilt show!

VIRTUAL: The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show!

The 17th Annual Great Wisconsin Quilt Show Will Be Held Online, Sept. 9-11. Register to get the show special! With…

Customer Corner – Beth Deland, Cross-stitch Artist

Meet Beth Deland! Paralegal and legal secretary by day, and a passionate cross-stitcher in her free-time, Beth loves working her…

New Product Reviews

Over the past few weeks, we received some very nice product reviews from some serious experts in the cross-stitching and…

The CraftOptics Story

A personal physical ailment and the realization that thousands had the same problem led to the development of CraftOptics.

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