Our Story: Roots in dentistry magnification: vision challenges and back pain.

Ever wonder why dentists wear magnification? We had something to do with it. Over 40 years ago, my father, Dr….

What are cataracts and how are they treated?

Cataracts We probably all know someone who’s suffered from cataracts and some of us may have them ourselves. Cataracts affect…

How the color temperature of your light affects your craft.

“The right color temperature lighting can help you easily see things that used to be difficult.” We covered the importance…

Does it feel like you need more light? You do.

Most of us are well aware that vision tends to change with age.  Over time, our eyes lose some of…

If I wear CraftOptics, I don’t need my glasses, right? Wrong!

We have been on a very heavy trade show schedule the past few months, and time and time again we…

The CraftOptics Story

A personal physical ailment and the realization that thousands had the same problem led to the development of CraftOptics.

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