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Top Ten Questions!

July 2, 2016
Top Ten Questions!

After thousands of product demonstrations and phone calls every year, we are sharing the most common questions people ask when they are considering buying CraftOptics. For more information, please visit www.craftoptics.com or sign up for news and updates here:


1. Do they clip on my own glasses?

No. The CraftOptics Telescope product is actually a complete set of titanium eyeglass frames with the telescopes attached and your prescription (if you wear one) installed! The telescopes flip up and down, and are attached to a titanium frame, into which we install your complete prescription. Everyone has different size and shape eyeglass frames, so a clip-on would create big alignment and comfort problems.

The CraftOptics frame is specifically designed to hold the telescopes comfortably, line them up properly, and provide the ability to easily see around the telescopes when they are in the down position. The silicone strap nosepad, spring hinges on the frames, and the included Chums headstrap/eyewear retainers help alleviate the weight of the telescopes to make them comfortable for all day use.

 2. Do I have to use my prescription? What if I wear bifocals or progressive lenses?

Yes! If you want to eliminate eyestrain and see from the most comfortable working distance, you always want your prescription installed in the frames, even if they are just “cheaters.” This allows you to avoid hunching over your work, thus reducing back, neck and shoulder pain by working in a more upright, ergonomic position. If you wear progressive lenses or bifocals, you will be joining a large majority of CraftOptics customers who do the same. We install your prescription as a bifocal, which provides a large near correction. When you flip the telescopes up, you will see as you normally do. When they are down, you will be able to see above the telescopes through your distance correction (to watch TV, for example).bifocal2-1

Some people install their near correction in the entire frame if they only wish to see close up while working (when they glance above the telescopes to look around their work area). Our on-staff optician will guide you through the options if you have any question.  They key thing to remember is that CraftOptics Telescopes are an enhancement to your corrected vision, not a replacement for it!

 What if I don’t know what my prescription is?

No problem! Our optician will take care of that for you by contacting your optical professional to obtain your current prescription.

3. Will using CraftOptics help my back and neck pain?

If you experience back and neck pain from hunching over your work or working in carolynawkward positions, particularly over long periods of time, CraftOptics should certainly provide relief. When set up properly with your prescription installed and the correct working distance, you will be able to work in a comfortable, upright and ergonomic position, relieving pain associated with poor posture.

For over 35 years, the owners of CraftOptics have helped tens of thousands relieve eye, back, neck and shoulder strain by enabling them to not only see better, but to do so with comfort.

4. What if I don’t wear any glasses but I just wear “cheaters”?

A “cheater” is actually a correction, as it helps you see near. If you wear a “cheater” or reader/reading glasses, you will want that installed in the frames. Think of it this way—when you flip up the telescopes, you want to see near as you normally do. The telescopes enhance your reading correction. By installing your reading correction, there is another benefit—it allows you to sit at a more upright working position, which will significantly reduce your back and neck strain.

If you are nearsighted and normally take your glasses off to see close, you most likely have to hunch over your work. By installing your complete prescription in the frames, you will be able to see without hunching over, relieving your back and neck strain!

5. Are they guaranteed? What is the warranty?

Everything we sell has a money back guarantee! If, within 45 days of receiving your CraftOptics you find you are not happy with the product, we will fix it or you can return it for a full refund, even if we install your custom prescription. If you need more time, simply let us know. Our goal is for you to have a product that works well for you, period. CraftOptics has a lifetime warranty on the telescopes and hinge, and a 3-year warranty on all other products and components.

 6. What happens when my prescription changes? Do I have to get a whole new set?? 

No! When your prescription changes, you can do two things: 1) send the unit back to CraftOptics and we will install your new prescription at a special rate for customers (currently $85 which includes return shipping), or 2) have the new prescription installed locally with your optician.

What if I’m having cataract surgery soon?

If you are having cataract surgery some time in the future, don’t wait! You can use your set of CraftOptics with your current prescription, and after the surgery simply switch the lenses in the frames to your new post-surgery correction.

7. Can I watch TV while using CraftOptics?

Yes! CraftOptics frames are specifically designed to allow you to see OVER the telescopes while working so you can see off in the distance.




If you don’t watch TV while working and just want to see around your work area, we can install your near correction in the entire frame (instead of as a bifocal). This way, when you look above your telescopes when they are down, you can still see your work area clearly through your near correction.

 8. What if I have mono-vision?

Mono-vision, where one eye is corrected for near and the other for distance, can easily be addressed with CraftOptics. In the frame, we either put in plano (clear) lenses OR if that isn’t comfortable, we ask your optometrist for a prescription that corrects both eyes for near and install that in the frames. Most of our mono-vision customers prefer clear lenses and the rest prefer having both eyes corrected for near. From time to time, mono-vision customer will have us install a light reading correction in the frames, as they are used to using that when doing fine detail work.

 9. Will they help those with macular degeneration?

The answer to this one is, “it depends.” If someone is still able to read large print text and do some craft work, CraftOptics can be very helpful, particularly when combined with the DreamBeam, which most people purchase anyway. When one eye is worse than the other, the stereo effect of looking through the telescopes often allows the good eye to “fill in the blanks” of the bad eye to give a more complete image to the user. Call our customer service team to discuss your situation. We have had a lot of success with people who previously had to stop doing the work they love due to vision challenges.

10. Will my Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or vision insurance cover these? 

Most FSAs and HSAs cover CraftOptics. Check with your individual plan to confirm. We do process your FSA or HSA Visa or MasterCard if they are part of your program. Many vision insurance programs do cover CraftOptics, as they are prescription eyewear. Check with your individual plan. We do not process insurance; however, we provide a detailed receipt with all prescription details for you to submit for reimbursement.

Bonus Question! Do I need the DreamBeam? I think I already have good light.

We think you do, and our customers confirm it. The DreamBeam is positioned directly between your eyes, and it illuminates your line of sight. This means that everything you see through the telescopes is both magnified AND brilliantly lit, without any frustrating shadowing.



CraftOptics DreamBeam in action

Bright, shadowless light from the CraftOptics DreamBeam.


No matter how good your current lighting is, your hands (or tools) will inevitably block that light and create frustrating shadows unless the light is in your line of sight. Read what customers say here: /reviews/view/this-light-is-perfect/

Do you have other questions? Please ask! Call us at 1 800 444 7728 or email us at info@craftoptics.com



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