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Jeff gives you a brief summary of CraftOptics products and how they work. For a more detailed discussion, see the video “All about CraftOptics Magnifying Eyeglasses & DreamBeam Light”.


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"It's really pretty ---- amazing!"

Real delight is hard to hide. See Wyatt White, Tammy Honaman, and Lisa Gralnick as they react to working with their CraftOptics!

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All about CraftOptics Magnifying Eyeglasses & DreamBeam Light - Detailed discussion

Your questions are answered in this thorough (that means a bit long) video description of how CraftOptics will help you magnify and light your creative projects. Jeff walks you through our product line and discusses prescriptions, working distances, the DreamBeam Light and most other common questions people have about CraftOptics.

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New Rechargeable DreamBeam 3!
  • Our smallest, lightest, highest-intensity LED illuminator ever!
  • Amazing 13 hour life on High setting, 24 hour life on Low setting per battery charge.
  • Eliminates shadows with a brilliant light that goes where you go.
  • Light will not fade during use.
  • Daylight color temperature.
  • Powered by a long-lasting rechargeable USB battery.
  • Attaches to any set of CraftOptics eyewear.
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Online Ordering Tutorial

A walk through the easy online ordering process. No need to have your prescription on hand to order–we’ll call your optometrist for it or you can email a photo of it after placing your order!

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What prescription should be installed in my frames? What if I wear progressive lenses?

CraftOptics work WITH whatever correction you wear, be it a prescription or just readers. So, we install your normal prescription or reader into the frames. If you wear progressives, we install that same correction but as a bifocal for optimal clarity, as Jeff explains. This way, when you look above the magnifying telescopes or flip them up, you can see as you normally do!

If you wear only readers, we install that reading correction in the frames.

Jeff guides you through how it works in this video. Prescription questions? 888-444-7728

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New CraftOptics owners--watch this! Common errors and quick tips.

Get set up the right way for maximum delight!

  • Attach the light properly to the telescopes (put the wire behind you – don’t let the it hang).
  • Wear the glasses all the way up–don’t slide them down ¬†your nose like readers.
  • Avoid sitting too close to your work. The magnifying telescopes are designed to work at a certain distance. We all have the habit of leaning closer to our work. When wearing CraftOptics, this has a negative effect on clarity. If things don’t look right, sit back a bit instead of leaning in.
  • Look ABOVE the telescopes when grabbing tools, etc. Don’t look through the telescopes to search around your work area.
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How do I attach the DreamBeam to my CraftOptics frame?

Be sure to attach your DreamBeam light properly. It all starts by making sure it is snapped onto the hinge between the magnifying telescopes and not onto the PD knob, and putting the light wire behind you by clipping it to the eyeglass retainer strap that is included with your CraftOptics.

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Turning on and charging your DreamBeam

This video shows you how to turn on your DreamBeam and recharge your battery.

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Jewelry artist & goldsmith tries her new set of CraftOptics!

Watch Lisa’s reaction when she tries her new set of CraftOptics Magnifying Eyeglasses & DreamBeam light for the first time. We think you’ll agree she is quite happy!

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At a show with CraftOptics! Hear what customers say when they try CraftOptics Magnifying Eyeglasses and DreamBeam Light!

Join CraftOptics at one of their many exhibitions to learn more about how their magnification and light helps artists comfortably see the fine details of their work, WITHOUT HUNCHING OVER. Eliminate eye, back and neck strain!

Ideal for jewelry making, quilting, sewing, beadwork, fly tying, electronics, needlework and any other activity requiring steady, detail oriented artistry. #MagnifyYourTalents

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How to adjust the nosepads on your CraftOptics

A properly adjusted nosepad will make all the difference in making your CraftOptics Magnifying Eyeglasses comfortable. Most people do the exact opposite of what you want–they squeeze the nosepads together. With CraftOptics, you want to widen them a bit so the frames “hang” on the bridge of your nose. Check out the video!

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Tying flies with CraftOptics!

End your struggle to see the fine details of tiny flies. CraftOptics Magnifying Eyeglasses and DreamBeam light will help you improve your precision, speed, and posture while tying the most intricate flies.

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More creators working with CraftOptics

CraftOptics helps creative people magnify and light their work. It is a new world of sharp, clear vision that will delight any artist who works with fine detail.

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