About Our Products (Archived)

Imagine having no strain and no pain while you work. The goal of CraftOptics is to eliminate your eye strain and improve your posture, so you can create with less pain. With magnified visual precision, great shadowless light and a comfortable working position, it’s easy to get lost in your creative process and enjoy your art like never before.

Our company’s roots are in creating magnification and lighting for dentistry and surgery. For more than 30 years we’ve been helping medical professionals attend to critical details without putting physical stress on their own bodies. We’ve taken that knowledge and expertise and created top-of-the-line magnification and lighting designed specifically for creative people whose passions are: jewelry-making, beadwork, quilting, miniatures, needlework, sewing, wood carving, fly-tying and other fine detail activities.

CraftOptics begin with durable titanium eyeglass frames that are custom built to include your eyeglass prescription or reading correction. Attached to the frames are high-resolution magnifying binocular telescopes that double the image size of the task at hand. Three working distances are available to help you get the right ergonomic posture for the activities you love. Choose from – Short: 12-14″, Regular: 14-16″ & Long: 16-18″.Bringing even more precision to your work is the NEW DreamBeam 3 light, which attaches to the magnification. This powerful light illuminates fine details without shadows, eliminating frustrating overhead light adjustments . Designed to be portable, the light has a 1-meter cable for ultimate flexibility and a rechargeable battery for mobility. Simply clip the wire behind you and it’s completely out of your way no matter where you go.

For added convenience, CraftOptics Magnifying Telescopes flip up and out of the way when you don’t need magnification. While working you can even look above the magnifying telescopes, through your customized vision-corrected lenses to see across the room, around your work area, or even watch TV.

Finally, CraftOptics are built to last a lifetime, can easily accommodate future prescription changes, and have a 45-day money-back guarantee – even if we customize to your prescription!

The end result, CraftOptics provide incredible, high-resolution magnified vision and powerful light, while allowing you to maintain good posture. This keeps you from hunching over your work, eliminating eye, back, and neck strain.