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Let our experienced team guide you toward incredible vision.

For over 30 years, we have created magnification and lighting devices for dentistry, surgery and now for artistic endeavors. CraftOptics, LLC was founded in 2009 by Dr. Charles Caplan and Jeff Caplan. Dr. Caplan founded the leading supplier of magnification devices for the international dental market in the early 1980s. Dr. Caplan, a dentist, needed to see his own work better and more comfortably to alleviate the physical stress (eye, back and neck strain) of performing dentistry. Imagine sitting, hunched over patients for hours, struggling to see minute detail of dental work on a daily basis.

So, he searched for a solution. He first developed an ergonomic chair that provided proper arm and back support. He then developed an optical device that gave him the clarity and comfort he needed, allowing him to see great detail and work with good posture. Out of his dental office, the company was founded with the goal of sharing his personal experience with the dental community. The familiar looking device caught on and is now the standard of care in the industry. You have probably seen these glasses being worn by your own dentist & hygienist.

Over the years, patients of the dentists started showing strong interest in the glasses. This convinced us that the same ergonomic benefits dentists receive from using magnification and lighting devices should be available to any detail-oriented artist or other professional. Our goal was to develop a new product that was optically comfortable and cost-effective for artists. After several years of development and spending countless hours studying artist vision challenges, habits and working positions, such a product was created, patented, and CraftOptics was formed.

Our team is dedicated to your comfort and we’re here to answer any questions and guide you through getting set up with a product that will bring a new level of delight to your artistic endeavors.

Meet Our Team

CraftOptics is a family-owned company whose team has over 30 years of experience helping professionals see their work or craft comfortably.

Jeff Caplan


Jeff spent 23 years in international product marketing and sales, investment, and management, including 13 years launching US products in Europe and European products in the US. His experience with the magnification market dates back to the 1980s when he was involved in hands-on trade show sales during Orascoptic’s early development. Many years later, his career included 3 years as Executive Vice President of Orascoptic, and 4 years living in Paris, France as General Manager, Europe for Orascoptic.

Jeff spends considerable time at trade shows with customers, learning about their needs and how CraftOptics can help solve their vision challenges. He holds a BSBA in Marketing from the Olin School of Business at Washington University and an MS in Business from the University of Wisconsin.

Dr. Charles Caplan


Dr. Caplan founded Orascoptic Research, now part of the Danaher-owned group of companies (DHR), in 1981. As CEO and primary product designer Dr. Caplan focused on product categories including optical/magnification, surgical lighting, and ergonomic seating. The company’s products are now sold worldwide and hold the largest worldwide market share. Dr. Caplan has a rare ability to effectively balance the desires of end users with the technological focus of his team of optical and mechanical engineers. This skill has created some of the most successful magnification and lighting products sold in the dental and surgical market today.

Lynn Richgels, ABOC

Customer Service Manager

Lynn has over 20 years of optical experience, starting her career as an Optometric Technician and later becoming an ABO Certified Optician where she spent years guiding patients through their eyewear and prescription options.

Building on that experience, Lynn is a valuable resource to the CraftOptics community. She is well versed in helping our customers solve their vision challenges so they can see the fine details of their work with precision and comfort. If you have a question about your prescription, or wish to get a better understanding of what CrafOptics product is right for you, give Lynn a call.

Mira Sloane

Product Assembly Manager

Mira joined CraftOptics in 2014 and oversees product assembly and shipping.  When you purchase a set of CraftOptics, it is highly likely she personally inspected, packed and shipped it to you. Mira has a background in the art world, working in the fashion industry, textile arts and ceramics. She is also an avid gardener who insists we have plants and flowers in the office.

Carolyn Benforado, Katie O'Connell, Stacey Caplan

Trade Show Representatives

Carolyn, Katie, and Stacey travel the country demonstrating CraftOptics products and guiding customers through their order options. They are the true faces of the company, spending countless hours helping thousands improve their vision. They look forward to meeting you at an upcoming show!

Kate Cahill

Exhibition & Event Manager

Kate joined CraftOptics in 2012 as office manager. She has intimate knowledge of all aspects of the company, having also served as customer service, assembly and trade show manager. Today she manages our busy schedule of 30+ events per year, and you can also see her at a few key shows helping customers in the booth.

Dick Buchroeder

Optical Engineering

Holder of 13 US patents, Mr. Buchroeder has over 40 years of optical design experience, both as an independent consultant and with Hughes Aircraft, Bausch & Lomb, and several others. His client list ranges from nearly every major US defense contractor to international optical companies and numerous US Universities. Mr. Buchroeder and Dr. Caplan have collaborated on several optical products and patents, including those now in the dental and medical marketplace being sold by Dr. Caplan’s former company. Mr. Buchroeder has a BSME from UC Berkeley, an MS from the University of Rochester, and a PhD from the University of Arizona.

"What a difference they make. They are comfortable, fit perfectly, not too heavy and I can see the smallest details sitting in a better upright position."

- Janis Patten - Hand Quilting, Embroidery and Applique' Artist
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