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See what people are saying about CraftOptics Telescopes below.

"CraftOptics worked with my optometrist to get me something that would let me continue knitting..."

“I have a pair of these! I have very severe astigmatism and Macular Degeneration. CraftOptics worked with my optometrist to get me something that would let me continue knitting, doing embroidery, and making lino-prints without stabbing or cutting myself. I love them so much.”

- Mitzy Carter
Quilting & Sewing

"Fabulous!!! I can't believe the difference."

“OMG – I got my CraftOptics as a gift to myself right before Christmas. I’m using them for the first time today stitching the binding on a quilt. Fabulous!!! I can’t believe the difference. Now I’m searching for handwork to do! Thank you, Bonnie Hunter! Best advice ever! And thank you, CraftOptics!”

- Dale Johnson Moss
Jewelry & Beadwork

"I can SEEEE!!!"

- Crystal Ninja
Quilting & Sewing

"Best thing I ever got for my birthday!"

“Best thing I ever got for my birthday. I have had these for 3 years now, and they indeed do away with nasty eye fatigue, plus I no longer sit 3 inches from my work.”

- Marianne Olajos
Cross-stitch, Embroidery, Quilting & Sewing

"I'd say they won me a blue ribbon at MQX"


“I have had them for a bit over a year. I love them and I’d say they won me a blue ribbon at MQX.”

- Gretchen Adams
Jewelry & Beadwork, Quilting & Sewing

Beading with tiny Miyuki delica beads from Japan

I must tell you, I even find ripping out stitches in my sewing to be much easier with my Craft Optics telescopic lenses and my Dream Beam! I can do a bunch of my hobbies more easily now. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get them!

- Kim H.
Jewelry & Beadwork

"They really revolutionized the way I work and I can't even believe I ever managed without them!!"

Not only is the product wonderful, but the customer service is excellent and very personal!! I recently sent mine in for a prescription upgrade and had to go back to working without them while waiting for the upgrade. Ugh!!!!! I can’t WAIT to get them back…..they really revolutionized the way I work and I can’t even believe I ever managed without them!!

Follow up: By the way I got them back SO fast, and the service I received was exceptional! Great product, great service, you really can’t beat that!

Shirley Alexander, Jewelry Artist www.layalijewelry.com

- Shirley Alexander

"They are an investment you will NOT regret!"

I can only compare my initial feelings of these glasses to what it must have been like for Charlie to enter Willie Wonka’s Chocolate factory and discover that everything in the candy garden was edible!  Yes, it was that surreal!

Lisa’s blog post on her CraftOptics experience: LISACALLE


- Lisa Calle

"I am absolutely delighted with the CraftOptics!"

I am absolutely delighted with the CraftOptics!  I just finished binding a quilt using the CraftOptics and light.  It was so much better than the magnifier visor I had been using previously.  I was able to work on the binding for longer periods of time because there was no longer any straining on my eyes or my neck.


- Grace M.
Quilting & Sewing

"I am THRILLED with how I can see with these!"

I am THRILLED with how I can see with these. The glasses part have my own prescription in them, bifocals and all.  And once I plop the telescopes down on top of the lenses and turn on the light – WOW!  I’m loving mine! 20161003_211008

I told someone earlier today when she asked about them that we have to do what we have to do to be able to do what we love to do for as long as we can do it!  And I need to be able to see close, and see clearly without straining my eyes during hours of needlework time.


- Bonnie Hunter, www.quiltville.com