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Who uses CraftOptics™ Telescopes?

Anyone who needs to see small, detailed work or who suffers from eye, neck, or back strain from hunching over will benefit from our CraftOptics™ Magnifying Telescopes and DreamBeam Light. They are great for:

High resolution magnification & powerful shadowless light, right where you want it!

Customized with your Rx or reader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they clip on my own glasses?
No. CraftOptics Telescope magnifiers are a complete set of titanium eyeglass frames with the telescopes attached and your prescription (if you wear one) installed!  Everyone has different size and shape eyeglass frames, so a clip-on would create big alignment and comfort problems. The telescopes flip up and down, and are...
I wear bifocals/trifocals/progressive lenses. How does that work with CraftOptics?
If you wear progressive lenses, bifocals or trifocals, you will be joining a large majority of CraftOptics customers who do the same. We install your prescription as a bifocal, which provides a large near correction. When you flip the telescopes up, you will see as you normally do. When they are down, you will be able to see above the telescopes through your distance correction (to watch TV, for example).
How does the money back guarantee work? What is the warranty on the products?
Everything we sell has a money back guarantee! If, within 45 days of receiving your CraftOptics you find you are not happy with the product, we will fix it--most often this involves a change in working distance or even an adjustment of the lens configuration, all of which we will...
What if I don't wear glasses, I just wear "cheaters"?
A “cheater” is actually a correction, as it helps you see near. If you wear a “cheater” or reader/reading glasses, you will want that installed in the frames. Think of it this way—when you flip up the telescopes, you want to see near as you normally do. The telescopes enhance...
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Our Story: Roots in dentistry magnification: vision challenges and back pain.

Ever wonder why dentists wear magnification? We had something to do with it. Over 30 years ago, my father, Dr. Charles Caplan was a dentist here in Madison, Wisconsin. At that time, dentists sat on stools and hunched over their patients for hours at...

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