Magnify Your Talents

With CraftOptics magnifying eyeglasses, you’ll see amazing detail while you create—without eye and back strain.

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Who uses CraftOptics?

Why People Love CraftOptics

  • Eyewear with your complete prescription or reader installed, with high resolution magnifying telescopes attached
  • Magnifying eyeglasses show even the tiniest details so you can create without hunching over and promote good posture
  • Bright light shines directly on your work, eliminating shadows
  • For quilting, beadwork, jewelry, miniatures, wood carving, embroidery, cross-stitch, or ANY detail work
  • Free U.S. shipping and a money-back guarantee

What Customers Say

Judy CraftOptics magnifying eyeglasses and light

"I never Quilt without my wearing my CraftOptics! I feel like I am working in the dark without them.”

Judy Beskow, Quilt Artist
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"I am THRILLED with how I can see with these!"

Bonnie Hunter,
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"It makes a huge difference with soldering.  I couldn’t believe it!"

Peggy Houchin, Silversmith
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10% off on our 10th anniversary! 

Save $82.30 on the WOW Package!

Save $82.30 on the WOW Package through April!

10% off on our 10th anniversary!