Gift Certificate

    Description and Benefits +
    • Give the gift of amazing vision.
    • Help family and friends continue to enjoy the creativity they love.
    • Select amount for CraftOptics WOW Package ($823), CraftOptics Magnifying Eyeglasses including Rx or reader ($524) or DreamBeam 3 ($299).
    • You will receive a receipt via email after purchase.
    • You may also indicate the recipient’s name and email address in the NOTES section when checking out and we will email the certificate for you.
    • Or, just call us at 888 444 7728  and we can take care of you over the phone and deliver the certificate per your instructions.

    “I LOVE my CraftOptics!! What a difference for my eyes and my back! I am so glad I made the choice and gifted myself!”

    – Kathleen S., Bead Artist

    Who Uses CraftOptics? +
    • Quilting & Sewing, Needlework
    • Jewelry & Beadwork
    • Fly Tying
    • Woodworking & Model Work
    • Tattoo Art
    • Electronics
    • Aesthetics

    10% off on our 10th anniversary! 

    Save $82.30 on the WOW Package!