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About Our Products

Focus on creativity, not on trying to see your work!

“They really revolutionized the way I work and I can’t even believe I ever managed without them!”

If you are struggling to see, we have the solution. Have you seen those cool glasses your dentist probably wears? Well, CraftOptics Magnifying Telescopes are a bit like those glasses, only designed specifically for artists and anyone doing fine detail activities. 

CraftOptics are a complete set of specially designed titanium eyeglass frames, with your prescription or reading correction installed, and high resolution magnifying telescopes attached to the frame. The magnifying telescopes double the image size (roughly equivalent to a +8.00 correction), boosting your corrected vision, whether you wear a prescription, reading correction or contact lenses.

CraftOptics provide incredible, high resolution magnified vision while allowing you to maintain good posture. Select one of three available working distances to help you maintain the right ergonomic posture for the activities you love. This keeps you from hunching over your work and helps eliminate eye, back and neck strain. They are lightweight–only 48 grams including a bifocal prescription installed.

When combined with the popular CraftOptics DreamBeam, you will experience magnified, brilliantly lit, shadowless details of your craft. The light is ALWAYS with you!

Hands-free, so you can focus on your work, CraftOptics Magnifying Telescopes flip up and out of the way when you wish to see under your normal vision. While working, you can even look above the telescopes through your correction to see across the room, around your work area or even watch TV!

CraftOptics Telescopes are built to last (lifetime warranty on the telescopes), can easily accommodate future prescription changes, and have a 45 day money-back guarantee.

What are CraftOptics™ Telescopes?

Specially designed titanium eyeglass frames, with your prescription or reading correction installed, and magnifying telescopes attached to the frame.

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What is the DreamBeam?

The smallest, lightest, highest intensity line-of-sight illuminator designed specifically for CraftOptics Telescopes for brilliant, shadowless light.

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Who Uses Them?

CraftOptics Telescopes are used for: jewelry-making, quilting, sewing, beadwork, needle arts, fly tying, fine scale modeling, woodwork and more!

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Learn more about CraftOptics, and see CraftOptics in action in our videos!

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Money-Back Guarantee & Warranty

We back up our products with a 45 day money-back guarantee, a lifetime warranty on the telescopes and a 3 year warranty on everything else.

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"What a difference they make. They are comfortable, fit perfectly, not too heavy and I can see the smallest details sitting in a better upright position."

- Janis Patten - Hand Quilting, Embroidery and Applique' Artist
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