About Our Products

Magnifying Eyeglasses and Light for Creators

About Our Products

Magnifying Eyeglasses and Light for Creators

Creators suffer from eye and back strain from hunching over their work, squinting to see the details. It’s common, uncomfortable, and takes the joy out of your craft. We can help.

CraftOptics Magnifying Eyeglasses and DreamBeam Light allow you to see incredible detail from a comfortable posture, so you can create without eye, back and neck strain.

  • Lightweight titanium eyeglass frame with your vision correction installed. High resolution binocular magnifiers attached, doubling image size.
  • Powerful, long lasting, rechargeable DreamBeam 3 Light is positioned between your eyes lighting up everything you see, eliminating frustrating shadows.
  • Select one of three working distances during checkout for comfortable, ergonomic working posture. Short (12-14″), Regular (14-16″) and Long (16-18″).
  • CraftOptics are designed to last a lifetime. Whenever your prescription changes, just send them back to have new lenses installed in the frames.

For your confidence, we offer a 45-day trial period with a full refund if you are not delighted. Lifetime warranty on the optics.

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“I am THRILLED with how I can see with these!”
—Bonnie Hunter, Quilt Artist and Instructor

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