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“I LOVE my CraftOptics! What a difference for my eyes and back!”

What’s The Problem?

Artists doing creative detail work suffer from eye and back strain. Hunching over and squinting to see is so common and uncomfortable that it takes the joy out of their craft. Some stop doing what they love because of the discomfort. Some stop because they simply can’t see details like they used to.

What’s The Solution?

CraftOptics Magnifying Eyeglasses and DreamBeam Light help you see amazing detail from a comfortable posture. No more hunching over to see. No more searching for stronger light. No more having your creativity disrupted by strain.


CraftOptics are durable titanium eyeglass frames with your prescription or reading correction installed. High-resolution magnifying binocular telescopes double the image size of the task at hand. Three working distances options enable comfortable ergonomic posture for the activities you love. Choose from – Short: 12-14″, Regular: 14-16″ & Long: 16-18″.

The magnification flips up out of the way so you can see through your normal correction as needed. With the magnification down, you can glance over them through your vision-corrected lenses. This allows you to see around your work area, grab tools, or even watch TV while working.


Bringing even more precision to your work is the NEW rechargeable DreamBeam 3 light. It attaches to your CraftOptics, right between your eyes. Everything you see is both magnified and brightly lit. The magnifying eyeglasses and light combine to form our WOW Package.
CraftOptics WOW Package: magnifying eyeglasses and light
This powerful light has daylight color temperature and illuminates fine details without shadows. Also, it eliminates frustrating overhead light adjustments. The light has a 1-meter wire, a long lasting rechargeable battery and High (13 hrs) and Low (24 hrs) power settings.


CraftOptics Magnifying Eyeglasses are designed to last a lifetime. They accommodate future prescription changes, and have a 45-day money-back guarantee. This means you get a full refund, even if they’re customized to your prescription.

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