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Learn more about CraftOptics by watching our videos! Be sure to call us at 888 444 7728 if you ever have any questions.

For Artists Who Demand Precision

Imagine how great you will feel after a long day of creativity. No eye, neck or back strain because you can see, your posture is great, and you have plenty of light exactly where you need it.

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At a show with CraftOptics! Hear what customers say when they try CraftOptics Magnifying Telescopes & DreamBeam.

Join CraftOptics at one of their many exhibitions to learn more about how their products help artists comfortably see the fine details of their work, WITHOUT HUNCHING OVER. Eliminate eye, back and neck strain!

Ideal for jewelry making, quilting, sewing, beadwork, fly tying, electronics, needlework and any other activity requiring steady, detail oriented artistry. #MagnifyYourTalents

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New Users--Watch This! Quick tips to get you started.

Get set up the right way for maximum enjoyment!

  • Attach the light properly to the telescopes (put the wire behind you – don’t let the it hang).
  • Wear the glasses all the way up–don’t slide them down  your nose like readers.
  • Avoid sitting too close to your work. The magnifying telescopes are designed to work at a certain distance. We all have the habit of leaning closer to our work. When wearing CraftOptics, this has a negative effect on clarity. If things don’t look right, sit back a bit instead of leaning in.
  • Look ABOVE the telescopes when grabbing tools, etc. Don’t look through the telescopes to search around your work area.
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Facebook Live - CraftOptics Overview

New to CraftOptics? Watch this! Jeff gives an overview of how our CraftOptics Magnifying Telescopes and DreamBeam work together to give you amazing, comfortable vision for your creative endeavors.

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What prescription should I have installed in the frames? What if I wear progressive lenses?

CraftOptics Telescopes work WITH whatever correction you wear, be it a prescription or just readers. So, we install your normal prescription or reader into the frames. If you wear progressives, we install that same correction but as a bifocal for optimal clarity, as Jeff explains. This way, when you look above the telescopes or flip them up, you can see as you normally do!

If you wear only readers, we install that reading correction in the frames.

Jeff guides you through how it works in this video. Prescription questions? 888-444-7728

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Welcome! Unboxing your new set of CraftOptics.

What’s in the box? What do you do when they arrive? Jeff shows you how to get things started with your brand new set of CraftOptics Magnifying Telescopes & DreamBeam! Learn how to:

  • Put on and take off your CraftOptics.
  • Attach and use the DreamBeam.
  • Look THROUGH your magnifying telescopes to see your work, and look ABOVE them to see around your work area.
  • Sit at the right working distance.
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Setting up the DreamBeam light properly

This video shows you how to not only attach the DreamBeam to your frame but how to keep the light wire from hanging and pulling on your frame. Check it out!

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Attaching the DreamBeam. Here's how to do it!

Be sure to attach your DreamBeam properly. It all starts by making sure it is snapped onto the hinge between the telescopes and not onto the PD knob. Then, put the wire BEHIND you, clipping it to your shirt to keep it completely out of your way!

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Adjusting your nosepad--IMPORTANT!

A properly adjusted nosepad will make all the difference in making your CraftOptics Magnifying Telescopes comfortable. Most people do the exact opposite of what you want–they squeeze the nosepads together. With CraftOptics, you want to widen them a bit so the frames “hang” on the bridge of your nose. Check out the video!

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A Younger Jeff Explains How CraftOptics™ Telescopes Work

If you have never seen CraftOptics in person, this new video is for you! Watch a much younger Jeff walk you through how CraftOptics Magnifying Telescopes and CraftOptics DreamBeam work together to help you see with laser focus like you did when you were a kid. He’ll show you how they will help you see amazing detail while allowing you to perform your craft at an upright, comfortable, ergonomic working position.

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Who uses CraftOptics

CraftOptics Telescopes and DreamBeam help artists comfortably see the fine details of their work and help eliminate the eye, neck and back strain that is so common among their group.

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Tying flies with CraftOptics!

End your struggle to see the fine details of tiny flies. CraftOptics Magnifying Telescopes and DreamBeam will help you improve your precision, speed, and posture while tying the most intricate flies.

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