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What is the DreamBeam?

CraftOptics introduces the DreamBeam – the smallest, lightest, highest intensity LED illuminator designed specifically for CraftOptics Telescopes.

Positioned right between your eyes, the CraftOptics DreamBeam follows your line of sight, delivering bright, shadowless light within the high resolution magnified field of CraftOptics Telescopes.

What is the DreamBeam?
Easily attaches to the hinge of your telescopes
What is the DreamBeam?
Eliminates shadows
What is the DreamBeam?
Lightweight - only 7 grams (about the weight of a quarter)

"What a difference they make. They are comfortable, fit perfectly, not too heavy and I can see the smallest details sitting in a better upright position."

- Janis Patten - Hand Quilting, Embroidery and Applique' Artist
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