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Mental, Physical and Emotional Health: More Reasons to Pursue Your Art!

Mental, Physical and Emotional Health: More Reasons to Pursue Your Art!

When you finally get a chance to really settle in for some solid art time, there’s an all-over, full-body sigh that comes over you and you feel a shift in your mind and body. That creative corner of your brain takes over and all your nagging, worrisome thoughts seem to fade away. You know the feeling and it’s what compels you to continue making art and creating. But why does this happen and can crafting really make you healthier? Yes, it can and here are three ways your artwork benefits your health.

Improved Emotional Health

The American Journal of Public Health dug into the connection between artistic endeavors and health. They evaluated people battling chronic illness and discovered that activities such as painting, drawing, textiles and other visual arts boosted overall emotional health. When the subjects were engaged in these artistic activities they had fewer negative thoughts and emotions and focused on positive feelings instead. There not only was a decrease in stress and anxiety, but also improvements in flow and spontaneity, positive identity, and social networks.

But you already knew this. That’s that full-body sigh and sense of release that we started out talking about. Artists of all sorts find great comfort in their talents and know what it’s like to get lost in creativity. That zen-like state of creative meditation simply has no room for worries and negativity.

Increased Brain Activity

Another art/brain study, approved by the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, sought to evaluate brain activity in retired people, aged 62-70. They looked at fMRI scans before art class interventions and then examined one group who simply discussed art and another group who created art. The results for both groups showed increased levels of activity but the group who used motor skills to create art reaped the most benefits. They displayed an increased neural connectivity in areas of cognitive process, like introspection, self-monitoring and memory.

This is a great reason to treasure your favorite pastime. Developing and nurturing these neural connections keeps your brain engaged. Even more exciting, this study focused on an age group where memory becomes more of a concern, and improving it is an important goal.

Physical Benefits from Art

Michigan State University Extension looked at art therapy to see if it reached beyond emotional and mental health and provided physical benefits. They discovered that art therapy can not only improve an individual’s ability to deal with pain, but also helps reduce pain.

While the emotional benefits of an artistic pursuit are generally accepted, the positive physical effects offer even more reason to pursue art as a profession, a passion or simply a hobby.

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