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Your CraftOptics have more uses than you ever imagined!

Your CraftOptics have more uses than you ever imagined!

We all know CraftOptics telescopes are worn by jewelers, bead artists, quilters, needle workers, sewing and embroidery enthusiasts, etc. What you may not realize is how incredibly useful CraftOptics telescopes can be for a variety of other activities!

Our customers perform human and veterinary surgery, repair watches and apply permanent makeup. They tie flies, create tattoo art, remove lice and fleas from kids and critters and they even do manicures (and pedicures with the long range telescopes). See some photos below:


Veterinary work is all about the details. Ruthie, a CraftOptics customer, wrote to tell us that she has found her CraftOptics to be useful in multiple settings. She began wearing them at work, and found them to be “ideal for lots of detail work that you can’t have your face close to.” The scope and the DreamBeam light allow her to see minor equine surgeries on site without straining or damaging her eyes.

Watch Repair

As many watch-buffs know, the more intricate the detail, the finer the watch. When repairing watches, a horologist usually hunches over and has to strain his eyes. One of our customers, CJ, wrote in to tell us that her CraftOptics have significantly improved her posture, which has improved her neck and spine pain. Now she is able to comfortably work for longer periods of time.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is a booming new sector of the cosmetic industry, and is extremely detail oriented. During the procedure, it is crucial that the workspace is free of shadows. Marie, a licensed medical esthetician and CraftOptics customer, has found them to be incredibly useful. She no longer has to deal with shadows, bulky lights or magnifying lamps and can sit in a more comfortable position.

Fly Tying

This intricate activity requires being able to see the finest details. Many fly tyers experience significant eye strain, neck and back pain. With CraftOptics, many of our customers are able to easily see what they are tying, making the process much more efficient and enjoyable.

Tattoo Art

Whether or not you personally have a tattoo, you can appreciate the great detail that goes into designing one. Tattoo artists like Paul Stoll of Body Manipulations in San Francisco spend countless hours perfecting these permanent designs. In order to sit comfortably during long procedures, CraftOptics have been key in allowing tattoo artists to sit up straight and see their creations with reduced eye, back and neck strain.

Finally, don’t forget to use your CraftOptics for woodworking, instrument repair and electronics!

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