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Does it feel like you need more light? You do.

Most of us are well aware that vision tends to change with age.  Over time, our eyes lose some of the focusing power that enabled them to compensate for the challenge of seeing clearly at short distances (a condition known as presbyopia, caused by the lens inside the eye becoming less flexible).   Once it becomes too difficult to read a menu or a newspaper, most of us go to the eye doctor, or pick up a pair of readers from the pharmacy and go about our lives with newly corrected vision.  But is that all we need?

What many people do not realize is that our lighting needs also change dramatically as we get older.  In fact, a fifty year old needs twice as much light as a thirty year old in order to see adequately at night!  It turns out the tiny muscles that control the size of the pupil are responsible for letting in more light when it’s dark, and like any muscles, they get weaker with age.  As this New York Times reporter puts it, even if you have fairly good vision in your fifties, “it’s as if your eyes were still young but you were wearing sunglasses at night.”  And even if you’re not in the dark, you may not be getting adequate light for the detailed work you’re doing, so it’s important to adjust and strengthen your light source as needed.

CraftOptics Magnifying Eyeglasses work with your current prescription (not instead of) to magnify your work, and with our mini, high-intensity DreamBeam light attachment, you also get bright, shadowless light directly on your workspace.  The combination of magnification + light results in outstanding visual acuity for all-day comfort.  We think it’s the ideal solution for those who rely on seeing lots of detail for their art, and our customers agree.

Let us know if you have any question about magnification or lighting.  Email us at or give us a call at 888 444 7728.


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