Frequently Asked Questions (Archive)

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What working distances are available?

Select one of three working distances that are available to help you get the right ergonomic posture for the activities you love:

Short: 12-14″ Best for work on elevated surfaces: benchtop jewelry, fine scale modeling, etc. If you are used to holding your work close and prefer to work that way, select this distance.

Regular: 14-16″ Best for tabletop and a wide variety of similar position activities: beadwork, quilting, needlework, etc. This is the most common selection.

Long: 16-18″ Best for long-arm quilting and longer distance work. If you are concerned about your posture and hold your work further away, select this range.

If you happen to select a working distance that does not work well for you, don’t worry! We’ll exchange it for you at no charge within the 45 day guarantee period.

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