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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do they clip on my own glasses?

No. CraftOptics Telescope magnifiers are a complete set of titanium eyeglass frames with the telescopes attached and your prescription (if you wear one) installed!  Everyone has different size and shape eyeglass frames, so a clip-on would create big alignment and comfort problems.

The telescopes flip up and down, and are attached to a titanium frame, into which we install your complete prescription. We contact your eye-care professional to obtain the prescription for you (or you can snap a photo with your phone and email it or fax a copy to us) and we install that prescription into our frames. If you wear progressive lenses, the prescription will be installed as a bifocal, with the near correction in the bottom of the frame and distance correction in the upper portion so you can see the TV while working.

The CraftOptics frame is specifically designed to hold the magnifying telescopes comfortably, line them up properly, and provide the ability to easily see around the telescopes when they are in the down position. The silicone strap nosepad, spring hinges on the frames, and the included Chums headstrap/eyewear retainers help make them comfortable for all day use.