Frequently Asked Questions (Archive)

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Can I still order if I don’t know my prescription or need a new eye exam?

Yes! You can still order if you don’t have your prescription available or wish to have a new eye exam.

Simply choose one of these options that are available when checking out online:

-Enter the name of your optical professional and we’ll contact the office to get your prescription for you.

-Ask your optical professional to fax your prescription to 888-444-6762.

-Snap a photo of the prescription and email it to

-If you need to get an eye exam, you can still place your order and have your new prescription faxed to us after the exam, or you can email a photo of your new prescription after the exam.

-If you have a copy of your prescription, enter the information online yourself, though a photo or fax is easier and preferred to avoid entry error.

-If you prefer to get the information yourself, we will need to following to complete your order:

Your complete vision prescription.

Your distance PD (pupillary distance measurement–this is taken by the location where your glasses were made and you typically need to ask for this to be included).