Frequently Asked Questions (Archive)

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What happens when my prescription changes? Do I have to buy a complete new set of CraftOptics?

No! Your investment in a set of CraftOptics is a one-time event. You can have your new prescription installed by CraftOptics, or you can have it done by your optical professional.
We will install your new prescription for a fixed price of $85 plus $12 return shipping. We also clean, check and align the telescopes to make sure everything is in great working order.
Ship your CraftOptics (in its protective case) to: CraftOptics, 931 E. Main Street, Suite 23, Madison, WI 53703.  Include a copy of your new prescription in the box, or email a photo of it to:
You can pay online at: RX CHANGE OR, call us at 888 444 7728 and we can take a credit card over the phone. You can also include a check for $97 made out to CraftOptics in the box when you send back your CraftOptics.