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Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens when my prescription changes? Do I have to buy a complete new set of CraftOptics?

No! Your investment in a set of CraftOptics is a one-time event. When your prescription changes (which of course is very common) you can either have the new prescription installed in your frame locally with your own optical professional, or send them back to us as most of our customers do, and we will install your new prescription for a fixed price of $85 plus $12 return shipping. We also clean, check and align the telescopes to make sure everything is in great working order before we ship them back to you!

Just ship your set of CraftOptics in its protective case, along with a copy of your new prescription to: CraftOptics, 931 E. Main Street, Suite 23, Madison, WI 53703 with a check for $97 made out to CraftOptics. You can also order and pay online at: RX CHANGE OR, just call us at 888 444 7728!