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I don’t wear a prescription…but I do wear readers..

“I don’t wear glasses, but I do wear bifocals”

“No, I don’t wear bifocals, I just wear drug store glasses sometimes”

“I don’t need reading glasses, but I do wear cheaters once in a while”

Readers, reading glasses, reading add, cheaters, bifocals–they all do the same thing but with varying degrees of quality.  I know I have written about this before, but it is so important I wanted to post this, along with a helpful link below.

There is a lot of confusion about all those terms mentioned, but the reality is that they are all correcting a vision issue that hits us generally in our 40s.  It is during this time that, for most of us, text and other fine details are harder to see when they are held at a distance that used to be comfortable.  Reading glasses help shorten that reading distance back to that comfortable distance.

The bottom line is that you should have your eyes checked before purchasing drug store readers or any other pre-made reading glasses.  Why? Each eye may have a different correction, or you may have a slight astigmatism and not realize it.  If you use glasses that do not correct these issues, you will likely experience headaches or other discomfort.

For us, it is critical to make sure that we have our customers’ correct prescription.   A perfect prescription matched with our magnifying telescopes results in an ideal, comfortable, precision optical device that has the correct working distance.  If we match our magnifying telescopes to an incorrect prescription, uncorrected vision issues are magnified, the working distance will not be correct and discomfort can result.

A quick read on selecting reading glasses can be found here and I recommend you check it out:

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