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If I wear CraftOptics, I don’t need my glasses, right? Wrong!


We have been on a very heavy trade show schedule the past few months, and time and time again we have discussions with customers who want to use CraftOptics Telescopes as a substitute for their eyeglasses. This is not a good idea and this is why:

A complete CraftOptics unit is a titanium frame into which the user’s current prescription is installed. Attached to that frame is a set of high resolution binocular magnifying telescopes. When in the “down” position, the telescopes drop in front of your personal prescription–your vision correction and CraftOptics magnifying eyeglasses work together, creating a comfortable, high resolution optical device that will help you see like a surgeon from a comfortable working distance. No hunching over your work, no more neck, shoulder, back or eye strain.

If you want to watch TV while working, just glance over the top of the telescopes and through the distance correction in your frame you can see your favorite show. When you want to see as you normally do, you can flip the telescopes up completely out of the way.

If you use them with uncorrected vision, a number of issues pop up–working distance will be too long, uncorrected astigmatism will add eyestrain, and if each eye has a different correction they will struggle to see comfortably through the telescopes.

Highlighting this issue is a note we received recently via email:

“Just received my telescopes today.  I had absolutely no issues getting used to them.  Was surprised at how light they are and the glasses themselves are very comfortable.  They even look quite stylish (I ordered red)!  I already know I’ll be ordering the light at some point.  Before I ordered them, I did go to my optometrist to get the precise information requested on the form.  That’s probably part of the reason they fit so well with no issues with the magnification, etc.

Thanks for a great product which I will use for needlepoint and painting needlepoint canvas.”

Linda Burgess

Northport, Maine

Thanks for your note, Linda! You hit on a very important issue–having us install your prescription in the frame of your CraftOptics Telescope unit is really not an option, it is a necessity for comfortable, sharp vision from an ergonomic working distance.

We have done this for a very long time and have probably heard just about every question imaginable so if you have any questions at all about your personal vision challenges, we would love to help you. Please call any time at 888 444 7728 and we will help you see better and feel better while doing your craft!