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Jewelry Artists REALLY Need To See The Details!

Have you noticed a bit of a theme on this site??

Lisa Gralnick is a professor of Art Metal at the University of Wisconsin and former head of the Jewelry Design Program at Parsons in New York. Trained as a goldsmith, Lisa works with gold, silver and gemstones to create conceptual objects and jewelry in the style of different time periods.

Professor of Art Metal

Lisa has needed magnification to see the detail of her work clearly for years now. Initially she relied on a visor for her magnification needs but, from what you can see in the picture, visors were not a good ergonomic solution as the working distances were too short for comfort (see post from March).

CraftOptics magnifying eyeglasses have allowed her to sit upright and comfortably to see the fine detail of sawing, soldering and setting stones, while also giving her the ability to see multiple distances clearly.

Jewelry Artist

Her projects are time consuming and incorporate valuable materials, so her ability to see clearly and get it right is essential.
Words can describe it, but a video says more than a thousand words. Check out some videos of Lisa at work: CraftOptics YouTube Channel

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