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Model Trains – Yet Another Use For CraftOptics

Model Trains – Yet Another Use For CraftOptics

We’ve recently discovered the world of model railroading and the detail that these hobbyists put into their craft. One of the newest “to scale” models that is now commercially available for model railroaders to construct is called the T Gauge which is built to a scale of 1:450. For those of you like us who aren’t up to speed on model train lingo, that correlates to a track width of just 3mm!

The detail that goes into model train building is just incredible. Most model railroaders claim that to look realistic, structures should be as detailed as possible. Anything from constructing the tracks to weathering the buildings can be done for a more authentic look. This is where CraftOptics steps in.

We love discovering new uses for our magnifying eyeglasses! Who would turn down the ability to see more detail when working with 3mm train sets? Not us!

For more information and videos on T-Gauge, check out this link: In addition, we would be grateful if you forwarded this post to your model railroading friends.

Happy building!