Quilting & Sewing

I never Quilt without my wearing my CraftOptics! I feel like I am working in the dark without them.

I had really been struggling with the detail work in my quilting. My solution was adding more light but that only helped so much.

I had seen the advertisements for CraftOptics but the first time I had the opportunity to try them on was in 2015 at AQS Paducah and suddenly details were clear! I do lots of tiny detail stitching on my quilts and I can do that so easily with my CraftOptics. I feel that they definitely helped to up my quilting game.

I immediately purchased a pair after the demo. I knew these glasses would give me another tool to advance with my art quilts by providing me with so much vision clarity. These glasses have allowed me so much more enjoyment and less stress on my eyesight. No more struggling to see those all-important details.

I am constantly moving around during my piecing process but mostly during my quilting. I do lots of stitching on my art quilts and I change threads very often. My CraftOptics allow me to see all of the different colors and stitches with total clarity. No more tired eyes or eye strain with my CraftOptics. Also, no aching back from bending over trying to see details of my work.

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- Judy Beskow, Quilt Artist