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Sit Up Straight!

Sit Up Straight!

We’ve all been told by our mothers to “sit up straight!” Who knew how right they were? Among other things, bad posture can cause permanent damage to your organs and joints. Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, a physical therapist from Atlanta, says, “The goal of good posture is to maintain a state of musculoskeletal balance that protects the supporting structures of the body against injury or progressive deformity.” In other words, good posture is essential to your physical health.

Unfortunately, many people are unable to see their craft without bending over to get a closer look. Whether it’s cross-stitching in your lap, creating jewelry on a bench or building models at your desk, many of us have trouble maintaining good posture while doing some of our favorite things. This, of course, can lead to eye, back, neck and shoulder strain.

As you may know, CraftOptics magnifying eyeglasses were designed to not only provide outstanding magnified images, but to do so in a way that relieves the physical stress of doing your craft. There is more to proper magnification than simply making the image bigger.

The magnification you use must allow you to: 1) See your task clearly without distortion, and 2) See your task at a comfortable, ergonomic working distance so you don’t create more stress on your system by compensating with poor posture.

Check out the photos from a post earlier this year to see some dramatic examples: Save Your Back!

Now, quit slouching!