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Tattoo Artists REALLY Need To See The Details!

Tattoo Artists REALLY Need To See The Details!

Whether or not you have a tattoo yourself, anyone can appreciate the intricate detail that goes into designing a tattoo. Tattoo artists spend hours creating body ink designs that will be marking their clients for the rest of their lives.

Paul Stoll, owner of Body Manipulations, the country’s oldest piercing studio as well as a very highly regarded tattoo studio, fell in love with CraftOptics magnifying eyeglasses not only for their outstanding optics but also for their ability to help the tattoo artist sit up more comfortably over long procedures.

It’s no surprise after seeing the work done in his studio that our telescopes come in handy. Many tattoos can take hours depending on the size and intricacy of the design so using CraftOptics is a great way for his artists to see fine points with reduced eye, back and neck strain. In turn, the clients benefit from artists’s ability to create the detailed body art they desire!

Check out Paul’s website,, for some incredible designs with no shortage of detail.