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Tattoo You. And You. And You.

New photos from Paul!

I met Paul Stoll last summer at the JCK, the world’s largest jewelry trade show. Paul owns the oldest professional piercing studio in San Francisco called Body Manipulations, and was at the JCK purchasing body jewelry and piercing supplies. I spied him from a distance, chased him down and told him I wanted to speak with him about using magnification while he worked. Why did I want to speak with him?

Here’s why: Tattoo artists and dentists experience very similar ergonomic challenges. As my background is in the dental world, I know that both work with fine detail, both sit for long periods of time in similar (hunched) positions performing their craft, and both are plagued by the physical demands of their work–eyestrain, back pain, shoulder discomfort, etc. As I learned from dentists, properly designed magnification with comfortable working distances can alleviate many of those ergonomic challenges.

So we had a nice conversation and he “got it” instantly. The rest is history and today you can see the most ergonomically correct tattoo artist in these blog photos.

We all know someone–friends, neighbors, relatives, patients who work with fine detail in their crafts (cross-stitching, fly-tying, needlepoint, beading, jewelry-making). Many neglect their bodies and vision without even realizing it. Some even have to quit doing something they love because they can no longer see or are just too uncomfortable.

There is a solution, and we would love to help. Questions? Call me at 888 444 7728! I’d love to speak with you.