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What can creative people do during times like this?

Cancellations are affecting our personal lives.

In the past 24 hours we learned of cancellations due to COVID-19 that include: my son’s spring break training trip for rowing, his high school’s musical (he’s the drummer), in-person classes at my daughter’s university, the March Madness NCAA tournament, the NBA, NHL and other pro sports seasons, and our spring break trip to visit family. We are all dealing with disruptions.

Cancellations are affecting our creative lives.

Unfortunately, we also learned that many quilting, beading, miniatures and other conferences have been cancelled. More will likely be cancelled in coming days. These events provide comfort and community for our creative friends. Artists look forward to getting together with their buddies, taking courses, and of course, shopping. The events are often social highlights of the year.

Cancelled shows hit vendors hard.

The events are also very important for the artists and vendors we have become friends with over the years. Many of them rely entirely on sales at shows to survive, and I’m thinking of them now. They invest so much time and money before the shows even start. In Atlanta, a major sewing show just announced they were closing a day early and all vendors had to pack and leave today. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to make such hurried arrangements. These cancellations may be devastating to their small businesses. Please consider supporting them this spring.

What can we do?

Our routines have been shaken up. Social distancing will increase the time we spend at home. What do creative people do during times like this? They create. Perhaps there is an opportunity now to finally finish that quilt, jewelry piece, or embroidery project you have worked on for so long. The meditative and calming effect of creating provides a refuge from the constant barrage of news updates. Putting energy into a project may be the perfect prescription we all need for this challenging time.

Some comfort.

This video from Dr. Peter Lin that was posted by the CDC on YouTube is an excellent summary of what the world is facing and how to deal with it. It gives me some peace of mind that there will be an end to this if we all are diligent and work together: Dr. Peter Lin Video

This won’t last forever. We all just need to learn a new way of operating and we’ll get through it. We are thinking of all of you and wish you the best of health as we navigate this new way of living.