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Pricing & Ordering

What You’ll Need to Complete Your Order:

The name of your optometrist, if you wear glasses (we will call for your prescription),

OR a copy of your prescription if you have it on hand,

OR your reading correction, if you only wear readers.

Our optical staff carefully reviews every order and will contact you if more information is needed.

Worry-free, money back guarantee


 $30 flat rate to Canada, $50 flat rate outside of the US and Canada.

(You may also download our form and fax in your order here: CraftOptics Order Form 2017)

CraftOptics Magnifying Telescopes

$524Price includes your prescription or reading correction installed in a black, purple or red titanium eyeglass frame, and our patented set of binocular magnifying telescopes attached. 3 different working distances are available to help you maintain a comfortable, ergonomic posture. 

We will contact your optical professional to obtain your prescription. It may also be emailed, faxed or entered online if you have it available.
If you wear contact lenses only, have mono-vision or have no vision correction at all, we will install clear (plano) lenses in your frame: $449

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For incredible vision, you will want to add our high intensity DreamBeam light ($249) along with your CraftOptics Magnifying Telescopes (you will be able to add it during checkout). Brilliant, shadowless light that is always with you! 

When you order CraftOptics Magnifying Telescopes and DreamBeam light together, we include the $40 travel case for FREE!





CraftOptics™ DreamBeam

$249 – If you already own a pair of CraftOptics™ Telescopes, you will LOVE the DreamBeam light (we guarantee it)! The combination of magnification + brilliant, shadowless light will have you amazed at the level of detail you can see. Powered by a battery pack with 3 AA batteries, the DreamBeam weighs only 7 grams (about the weight of a quarter).



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Travel Case

$40 – Perfect for holding both your CraftOptics Telescopes and DreamBeam TOGETHER, without having to remove and re-attach the light. Just pull them out of this protective case and you are ready to go! Great for travel!

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Prescription Change

$85 – When your prescription changes, no worries! Just send your CraftOptics Telescopes to us at 931 E. Main Street, Suite 7, Madison, WI 53703 along with a copy of your prescription or the name of your optometrist (we’ll call for the Rx) and we’ll turn it around fast! Price includes return shipping in the US.

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