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If you don't have your prescription handy, you will have the option of having us contact your eye clinic to obtain it for you.


CraftOptics Telescopes

$524Includes prescription or reading correction installed in the frames.
$449 – Plano/clear lenses with no correction in frames (if you wear contact lenses or don’t wear glasses).

For optimal vision, order our high intensity DreamBeam light along with your CraftOptics Telescopes. Simply add the telescopes to your cart below, and you will have the option to add the DreamBeam later. When you order them together, we include the $40 travel case FREE!

CraftOptics Telescopes & DreamBeam Package

CraftOptics Telescopes & DreamBeam in Travel Case (FREE when purchased together).

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CraftOptics™ DreamBeam

$249 – If you already own a pair of CraftOptics™ Telescopes, you will LOVE the DreamBeam light! The combination of magnification + brilliant, shadowless light will have you amazed at the level of detail you can see. Powered by a battery pack with 3 AA batteries, the DreamBeam weighs only 7 grams (about the weight of a quarter).

Order the DreamBeam and CraftOptics Telescopes together and we include the $40 travel case for FREE!

The CraftOptics DreamBeam shown with CraftOptics Telescopes

The DreamBeam attached to CraftOptics Telescopes


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Travel Case

$40 – Perfect for holding both your CraftOptics Telescopes and DreamBeam. Great for travel!

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Prescription Change

$85 – When your prescription changes, no worries! Just send your CraftOptics Telescopes to us at 931 E. Main Street, Suite 7, Madison, WI 53703 along with a copy of your prescription or the name of your optometrist (we’ll call for the Rx) and we’ll turn it around fast!

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