What are CraftOptics™ Telescopes?

What are CraftOptics™ Telescopes?
Eliminate eye, neck, back and shoulder strain.
What are CraftOptics™ Telescopes?
See amazing detail from an upright, ergonomic position.
What are CraftOptics™ Telescopes?
The DreamBeam light eliminates shadows. It's always with you!
What are CraftOptics™ Telescopes?
See better, feel better, work with great precision.
What are CraftOptics™ Telescopes?
Choose from 3 ergonomic working distances.
What are CraftOptics™ Telescopes?
Telescopes flip up out of the way when not needed.

"What a difference they make. They are comfortable, fit perfectly, not too heavy and I can see the smallest details sitting in a better upright position."

- Janis Patten - Hand Quilting, Embroidery and Applique' Artist
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1. Prescription Lenses or Readers
We install your complete prescription in the specially designed frames so you can not only see as you normally do when the binocular magnifiers are flipped up, but when they are down, they set right in front of your corrected vision. Then, you can see ABOVE the magnifiers to see around your work area or even watch TV while creating! For those who wear progressive lenses, we install those corrections as bifocals for the best optical clarity and function. We will even contact your optometrist to obtain your prescription if you don’t have a copy on hand. If you only wear readers, we install that in the frame. If you have no correction or only wear contact lenses, we can install clear lenses in the frame.

2. Flip-Up Capability
The magnifying telescopes can be easily flipped up when they are not needed so you can see as you normally do. The telescopes are 2x (similar to what your dentist likely wears). This is roughly equivalent to a +8.00 reading correction but the telescopic optical design allows you to work at a comfortable distance for improved posture.

3. Lightweight Frames
Lightweight and sturdy, the titanium frame includes spring hinges for maximum comfort. Frames are available in black, purple, and red. The entire setup with the telescopes weighs only 48 grams! The DreamBeam light adds only 7 grams (about the weight of a quarter).

Frames are available in two sizes: 51 small/medium (“one size fits almost everyone”, our most common size) and 53 (large). Select 53 only if you are used to ordering larger frames.

4. Adjustable Saddle nosepad
Fully adjustable “saddle” style silicone nosepad for added comfort. The frames “hang” on the bridge of your nose rather than sit on two pressure points like standard eyeglass nosepads.

5. Choose one of three ergonomic working distances
Select either Short (12-14″), Regular (14-16″) or Long (16-18″) when ordering to help you maintain a comfortable posture while you create.

6. Add the high intensity DreamBeam light — Never worry about light again as the light is always with you! 

No risk, money-back guarantee!

Your order comes with a 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee. In addition, the telescopes and hinge have a lifetime warranty! A 3-year warranty is included on all other product components.

Don’t know your prescription? Not a problem!

We’ll contact your optical professional for your prescription. When ordering online or over the phone, just let us know the name of your optometrist and we’ll do the rest!

Use your FSA/HSA.

Most Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts cover CraftOptics purchases! Some insurance plans will cover all or a portion of your purchase. A detailed receipt will be provided for reimbursement if your plan covers prescription eyewear.

6 month payment plan with PayPal

A “Pay Later” option is available to US PayPal account holders–a very attractive 6 month interest-free payment plan. This option is available online during checkout or call us and we’ll send you a link.

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