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Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I wear bifocals or progressive lenses? I take my glasses off when I want to see details!

If you wear progressive lenses, bifocals or trifocals, you will be joining a large majority of CraftOptics customers who do the same. We install your prescription as a bifocal, which provides a large near correction. When you flip the telescopes up, you will see as you normally do. When they are down, you will be able to see above the telescopes through your distance correction (to watch TV, for example).

Some people install their near correction in the entire frame if they only wish to see close up while working (when they glance above the telescopes to look around their work area). Some bead artists and bench jewelers choose this option. In some cases, we install the intermediate correction in the upper part of the frame if all the user needs is their intermediate correction (they need to see only within arms length/computer distance) when looking above the telescopes when they are in the down position.

We often run into customers who tell us they take off their glasses because they are nearsighted and see fine without their glasses. Most take off their glasses because they have progressive lenses and the near correction area is so small it doesn’t work well for detail work. Others who do this tell us they see well but have to hunch way over because in order to do so, they have to sit very close to their work to see it.  So, if you need a prescription but don’t have it installed in the CraftOptics frames, you will not be positioned at a comfortable working distance. Installing your complete prescription gives you a very large near correction area, and ensures you will sit in much more comfortable working position.

So, if you want to eliminate eyestrain and see from the most comfortable working distance, you always want your prescription installed in the frames, even if they are just “cheaters.” This allows you to avoid hunching over your work, thus reducing back, neck and shoulder pain. The key thing to remember is that CraftOptics Telescopes are an enhancement to your corrected vision, not a replacement for it! Our on-staff optician will gladly guide you through the options if you have any questions.

Check out our video page here and watch the video “What if I only wear readers? What prescription is installed in the frames?” /videos/