Frequently Asked Questions (Archive)

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I wear bifocals/trifocals/progressive lenses. How does that work with CraftOptics?

If you wear progressive lenses, bifocals or trifocals, you will be joining a large majority of CraftOptics customers who do the same.
In your CraftOptics frame, we install your prescription as a bifocal, which provides a large near correction for easy near vision. We install your distance prescription in the upper part of the frame.
When you flip the telescopes up and look down at your work, you will see through that large near correction. When the telescopes are in the down position, they set right in front of your near correction in the frames. You will be able to see over the telescopes through your distance correction in the frames (to watch TV, for example). This configuration is by far the most common.
NOTE: The price for your set of CraftOptics includes your prescription/correction, whether it is a bifocal, single vision or reader. There is no extra charge for our standard lenses based on the strength of your prescription or prism.
*Other options: Some have their near correction installed in the entire frame (single vision). They do this if they ONLY wish to see close up while working. When they glance above the telescopes to look around their work area, they can only see near. Some bead artists and bench jewelers choose this option as they only need/want to see in their immediate area.
Some have their intermediate correction installed in the upper part of their frames. People working with patterns, or who need to see a computer or tablet screen while working sometimes choose this option. The user only needs to see within arms length when looking over the telescopes (to see a computer or tablet screen, for example). They will not be able to see in the distance to watch TV.
Please call us if you would like assistance in determining which option will best suit your needs.
*please indicate your selection in the notes section when you check out, or call 888 444 7728 if you have questions.
If you don’t have a copy of your prescription, we’ll call your optometrist for you to get it. Read about it here: PRESCRIPTION.

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