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Are Your Eyes Working Too Hard?

[Note: Rerun of an important post from 2010]
A few days ago, Margot Potter wrote about her visit to the eye doctor over the weekend (Impatient Crafter).  Lo and behold, she found out that not only did she have an astigmatism, but she also needed reading glasses!

I recently had a similar experience.  Over the past few months, I found myself much more fatigued and sometimes dizzy after staring at the computer for hours.  I finally scheduled an eye exam and found out pretty much the same thing–I had a slight astigmatism, a light distance prescription and a reading prescription.

When we get into our 40s, most of us need some type of reading prescription. The strength of that prescription can be small, but what a difference it makes. My point is that we often don’t connect headaches or eye fatigue with the possibility that we need some kind of vision correction.

Why?  Because we don’t want to admit we are older.  When we wear readers, guess what?  We think they make us look old.   Well, we ARE older, but only as a number.  I may need readers, but I still feel and act like I’m 25.  The reality is, nearly everyone needs some kind of reading prescription by the time they are 50.

Here’s my push:  It’s time to relieve our eyes of all this strain and get an eye exam now! It takes very little effort.  If you do need a new prescription, just think of the fun you will have checking out the new world of funky eye-wear. You’ll look hot AND will be able to read the menu next time you go out for dinner!  Just check out this guy: