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Reading Glasses. Cheaters. Why use them with CraftOptics?

I can’t do anything without my contact lenses in. The few seconds it takes me to fumble for my glasses in the morning are the only moments I spend without corrected vision, and thank goodness. I have to wear glasses or contact lenses—for me, it isn’t even an option because I can’t function without them.


However, many of our CraftOptics users are more fortunate. For most of their lives, great eyesight wasn’t an issue at all. It was a given—until they hit their 40s.


This lucky group routinely asks us why it’s so important to put their reading correction into the frames of our product. After all, they only wear readers from the drug store, so what’s the big deal? Well, let’s talk about it!


– First of all, your reading correction is a prescription! While it’s true that reading glasses, or “cheaters” do a little bit of magnifying, what they really do is bend light so that whatever near image you’re looking at focuses on your retina, giving you a clear view of your reading, beading, etc. Just because you can buy a reading correction over the counter doesn’t mean that it isn’t an important part of your vision.


– Our telescopes are an enhancement to your corrected vision, not a substitution for it. Our scopes offer 2x magnification at 13 or 16” when put in front of corrected vision.


Think about reading a restaurant menu. If you don’t have your reading glasses on, you may still be able to read it if you hold it far away, like at an arm’s length. So what do you do? You toss on one of the multiple pairs of readers you have in your purse or pocket, and you can then read that menu from a comfortable distance.

Installing your reading correction ensures that you will be able to see and work from a comfortable distance.  If your reading correction is not installed in the frame, your working distance will be too far away for comfort. If you try to work from a closer distance the magnified image will be blurry, which can actually cause more strain and discomfort.


-Well, I already have a 2x in my readers, you say. Actually, what you have in your readers is NOT 2x. The +2.00 in your readers refers to diopters–a convex lens with a diopter power of 2. Magnification of 2x means just what it says, that what you are looking at is magnified by a power of two, which is ideal for comfortably working with small details.


Finally I’d like to emphasize that using cheaters is not, as the name would imply, cheating. Using a reading correction is necessary for our vision and comfort as our eyes…er… “grow up” which is why we encourage everyone who has a reading correction to use it in their CraftOptics magnifying eyeglasses and scopes.


If you have any questions about your prescription, or about our scopes in general, please give us a call- we’re always happy to hear from you!


Sarah Beth Rebholz, CPOT


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