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What is Mono-vision & How Can CraftOptics Help?

contact lens

One frequently asked question we hear at CraftOptics is “What if I have mono-vision?  Can I still use CraftOptics Telescopes?”

The answer is yes, absolutely.  But let’s back up–what is this increasingly common vision treatment, and how does it affect your work?

A doctor may prescribe mono-vision as a treatment technique for presbyopia.   Rather than bifocals or reading glasses, the condition is treated with contact lenses or surgery, correcting one eye for near vision and the other eye for distance.  Although each eye is dominant for a different distance, they end up working together for clear vision at most distances. It sounds odd but your amazing brain figures out how to make this all happen.

monovision_newMono-vision can be terrific for normal day to day near vision tasks, but for fine detail work it can sometimes be problematic.  If you use CraftOptics Telescopes, you may see just great having plano (clear) lenses in the frame, but for many people with mono-vision, we recommend having you request a prescription from your optometrist that will correct both eyes for near vision in the frame. Essentially, the distance eye will be corrected to match the focal distance of your near eye. Once the focal distances are even, you add the telescopes and will be amazed at how well you see your work.

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