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Why Margaret Is Smiling

Why Margaret Is Smiling

I get a real charge out of helping people see better, and last week while on vacation I had a terrific experience with a customer. As you know, we sell our telescopes to both young and old.  Last week, I visited an 85 year old customer (that would be the Old) who has had a series of vision problems over the past few years including glaucoma and macular degeneration in one eye.  She purchased the magnifying eyeglasses to help with some reading and to hopefully help her see her crafts again, namely, cross-stitching.

She contacted me because she had some adjustment problem and couldn’t read the instruction manual because the text was too small (DOH!! I can’t believe we did that–manual being redesigned as we speak…).  So, as I was in Tucson I told her I would stop by her retirement home and try to fix things.  As it turns out, it was a very minor adjustment and after it was tweaked she was ecstatic!  Her first course of action was to get out her cross-stitching and give it a shot–something she had not been able to do in years.

We youngsters take our vision for granted.  Customers like Margaret remind us how precious our eyesight is.  Margaret’s advice to me before I left was, “Don’t get old”!  I plan to get very old but I will certainly make sure to take good care of all the parts that can fall off, degenerate or just wither away, and you should too.  Especially your eyes.

See you later!