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“Wow! I could see every last detail, especially the thread path!”

It has been a bit busy here in CraftOptics land. I have been attending a number of trade shows in the jewelry, craft and optical markets, getting some very interesting feedback and learning more about new uses for CraftOptics magnifying eyeglasses.

In previous blogs, I wrote about jewelry artists, needlepoint artists, cross-stitchers, and tattoo artists among many others. The latest markets to cross my path are bead artistry and fine electronics.

As one bead artist put it, “In small scale bead work, every fine detail is visible and I can work comfortably for hours”. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Anyone working with tiny objects needs to see what they are doing without eye strain.

Regarding fine electronics, the photo shows Sean doing something strange to his iPod. In order to see his work, he tried CraftOptics and sure enough, he was able to comfortably complete his project.

Off to more shows….If you are in New York attending the MJSA this weekend, please stop by the Rio Grande booth and say hi! I look forward to meeting you.